Why People Use the Herbal Medicine

Why People Use the Herbal Medicine

Herbs are basically those naturally occurring plants that don’t have a stem in them and can be used for medicinal purposes. Basically, they are first form of medicine humans ever discovered and they have been used to cure every kind of disease either internal or external since the dawn of the time. They exist in raw form and have to be applied either on the wounds directly or taken as a tea or sometimes chewed based on the type of herb you’re working with but one thing remain constant in all the herbal medicines, they’re in raw form and have to be cultivated from garden. Question is why do people still bother using herbal medicines when there are literally 10 types of other ways to cure your body. The pharmaceutical backed medicinal age with big data initiative has connected doctors from whole world and helped discover new ways to treat patients. The new age in pharma companies has helped discover treatments for diseases that weren’t available till 20th century and doctors everywhere are getting better equipment to treat diseases in a better way then why use the herbal medicine?

Other Medicines

Although new age in medicine has helped people get treated in a better way but these medicines often end up doing more harm than good. If you take a medicine for cough, 60% of time you will end up having upset stomach. There’s no arguing to the fact that any medicine that is made up with chemical compounds causes damage to human body. Hormonal imbalance due to medicines is commonly seen nowadays and one overdose of any medicine can make you lose your life within minutes or cripple you for multiple years to say the least.

With advancement in medicinal researches and new medicines, new ways of medical frauds have also been introduced such as fake medicines, medical misdiagnosis, medical negligence and several other problems that come embedded in the new medicinal age. It is estimated that almost 42% of medicines that are in market today are actually fake. Imagine almost half your life, whatever medicine you took as actually a fake and did harm to your body than doing you any good. Just imagine how much your body has suffered because some corporate giant wanted to make money instead of healing you and literally gave you medicine on triple the price, only on prescription and after all that, it was still fake.

Medical negligence lawsuits are quite common these days where qualified doctors with years of practice misdiagnose the patient and he ends up being crippled for life or loses his life. It’s almost a daily occurrence where patient ends up having more problems after leaving than he had after walking in. Lawsuits can only give you your money back but the real essence of life is lost because no amount of money can bring back your health back to the real shape it was before any tragedy happened.

Why herbal medicines

Herbal medicines were here before dawn of time, they’re naturally occurring that have not been tempered in any form and they can be harvested in your own backyard without any interference from any authority. 95% of herbal medicines in their natural habitat don’t have any side effect, yes no side effect. So you can be worry free about ending up cripple or with any kind of problems. Herbal medicines were one of the first medicines to cure cancer types. Herbal medicines are still effective for so many diseases whose remedy isn’t available in modern day medicines. Not only that, herbal medicines allow your body to heal naturally so that your body becomes as good as new when healed. Common misconception is that herbal medicines only cure external wounds and can’t help with injuries inside the body whereas if you study Chinese or Indian herbal medicines, you will know that a lot of herbal medicines are used to cure internal issues and at times, herbal medicines are more effective for internal injuries due to their naturally occurring substances.

Cosmetics and herbs are two sides of a same coin, there’s literally no better way to heal your looks and beautify yourself than using herbal medicines. Even today, most celebrities and beauticians keep a healthy herbal routine because chemically infused cosmetic products will only enhance your looks for a time being but with help of herbal care, not only you can enhance your looks but can also stay healthy and keep your body moisturized for decades to come. Aloe Vera is a plant that is known as cure all for beauty products because it has literally solution to every beauty problem till date.

Not only that, herbal medicines are great in treating psychological and neuropsychological issues as well, there is a whole branch of herbal medicines dedicated to it and not only it allows you to calm down but helps you with other mental issues and headaches and can solve your mental problems permanently.

 Herbal medicines are the first type of medicines and a lot of research is yet to be done on them, every new research on herbal medicines discovers new cure for new disease that we never knew existed because herbs already have those cures embedded in them since beginning of time, even today new herbs and naturally occurring plants are being discovered that can literally change the way herbs are being looked at nowadays.


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