What Do Chiropractors Do?

An injury, interest or research requirement may have landed you here to learn about chiropractors. Chiropractors are special healthcare professionals whose foundation is built on the concept of spinal alignment. These compassionate professionals usually use a non-medicinal approach to their treatment plans. However, they are versatile in how they can help with a variety of conditions and ailments. Some chiropractors do work in more than one field, as well. The following is some information about chiropractors that can help you to understand their profession and how you can get help from one of them if you need it.

What Chiropractors Treat

The general idea of chiropractic services is that it addresses spinal misalignment and all the symptoms that such misalignment causes. Therefore, a patient can get help for a wide variety of symptoms and problems from a chiropractor. Some of the most common problems that prompts patients to seek chiropractic treatment include:

  • Back pain
  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain

Patients may visit a chiropractor’s office looking for a holistic solution to their pain. During the consultation, the chiropractor will provide the prospective patient with a description of their service and why they chose to use a holistic approach to healing. Other types of providers often treat their patients with medications, and some recommend surgery. Chiropractors offer an alternative solution that may work if the issue stems from spinal misalignment.

Services Chiropractors Provide

You’re probably wondering, “What does a chiropractor do?” Chiropractors offer a broad range of services to help their patients recover from their ailments. The most widely used technique of an experienced chiropractor is spinal manipulation. Patients come in for adjustments that return the normal function. The chiropractor looks for subluxations during the X-ray evaluation and then performs adjustments that eliminate subluxations.


Electrotherapies have worked their way into the realm of chiropractic treatment over the years. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for a chiropractor to use electrotherapy to assist a patient with a musculoskeletal condition. The treatment involves connecting a device to the skin that delivers electronic stimulation pulses. Those pulses stimulate the sensory nerves, which can result in pain relief.

Ultrasound Therapy

Some chiropractors also provide ultrasound therapy. Ultrasound therapy focuses on sore and overworked muscles and promotes faster healing. This type of treatment uses soundwaves and sends ultrasonic vibrations to the area of discomfort. Ultrasound therapy can be extremely helpful for new injuries. It can also help to break down the scar tissue that has built up in an older injury. Chiropractors sometimes use ultrasound therapy to help restore the range of motion to patients who have lost it due to an old injury. The procedure can help with a variety of conditions such as tendonitis, bursitis, strains, sprains and joint inflammation.

Exercise Coaching

Chiropractors sometimes perform a certain level of coaching. They may direct their patients to perform daily exercise routines that can release stiffened muscles and joints over time. In some cases, a chiropractor may suggest dietary changes that can help to reduce inflammation in the body.

Wellness Chiropractors

A wellness chiropractor focuses on subluxations and correcting the structural issues within the spine. Wellness chiropractors take a very traditional approach to the care they give. Their main goal is to realign the spine so that the misaligned vertebrae no longer interfere with the patient’s nerve impulses. This type of chiropractor is likely to use spinal adjustments, postural correction and spinal exercises to lead their patients back to health.

Sports Chiropractors

A sports chiropractor focuses on the traditional realm of chiropractic and also performs services to bring forth healing that alleviates symptoms. However, this type of chiropractor emphasizes caring for athletes. A sports chiropractor adds extra dimensions to his or her care that not only promote healing but also promote muscle strength and endurance. These specialists may also support athletes in a mental and emotional capacity. In that case, the sports practitioner will act as the athlete’s support system while he or she is healing and building up to return to a sport.

Symptom Relief Chiropractors

Symptom relief chiropractors focus on the symptoms of spinal problems, such as headaches and back pain. A symptom relief chiropractor will use a combination of treatments to relieve the patient of pain. Those treatments may include spinal manipulations, electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, laser acupuncture and the like. Some symptom relief chiropractors even prescribe medication in states where it’s permitted.

You should now have the answer to your question of “What does a chiropractor do?” Don’t hesitate to contact a chiropractor if you have any issues with muscles, joints, ligaments and the like.


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