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West Country Games – the most popular hen weekend activity in the West!

West Country Games

West Country Games has quickly become one of the most popular group activity days for any Somerset, Bath, or Bristol hen weekend.  This hilarious day out offers nine unique games suited to all ages and abilities.

From the mayhem of Mangold Dangling to the crazy bungee twanging Cider Run, the games are guaranteed to have you rolling in the hay with laughter all day long.

We’ve put together nine reasons why West Country Games stands out from the crowd when it comes to hen weekend activities.

  1. A Unique, Fun-Filled Day Out

West Country Games is a truly unique activity.  There are nine games altogether, each of which is after the next!  From podium battles with giant pitch forks to human skittles on giant cider kegs, the side-splitting games guarantee a day to remember for you and your group.  After all, where else do you get to dress up as a farmer, catapult apples at the Wurzels, and whack your friends on huge inflatables?

  1. Location, Location, Location

The activity site is located in the beautiful North Somerset countryside at Gatcombe Farm, just outside Bristol.  West Country Games is only 10 minutes from Bristol and 25 minutes from Bath.  So whether you are visiting Bristol, Bath, or staying in a Somerset cottage, they are very easy to get to. However, if you’re not in this area, you can find similar places by searching an online directory.

  1. Indoor and Outdoor Year-Round Activity Days

West Country Games is a year-round activity operating on Saturdays.  The event takes place outdoors from March to October on a working farm, which boasts a restaurant with indoor and outside seating, a farm shop, and lots of cute animals in a paddock.  And much like the cows come in for the winter, from November to February the event switches to an indoor ‘barn-themed’ sports hall just down the road.

  1. Fantastic Ice Breaker

Taking part in West Country Games is the perfect way to get to know other people in your group.  Each group is provided its own friendly Activity Host, who will escort you around the games and get you all raring to go.  So regardless of how well you know each other, this is the ideal way to bond a group together.  You will only be competing within your own group, which further aids group cohesion.  There’s nothing quite like crying with laughter together to bond you all together!

  1. Anyone can do it!

You don’t need to be an Olympian to take part in West Country Games (although a few have been spotted on-site)!  So, whether you’re a Cross Fit fanatic or last worked out in the 1980s with Mr. Motivator, everyone is on a level playing field when it comes to these games.  If you check out their reviews, you’ll soon see that age is no barrier either with plenty of glowing accounts from the more senior members of the groups.  Be rest assured that West Country Games will be inclusive for everyone on your invitation list.

  1. Tasty Food & Delicious Scrumpy to Follow the Games…

West Country Games takes place on a working farm with a farm restaurant called ‘The Greedy Goose’, so there’s plenty of tasty farm fayre to follow the games.  In addition to a farm shop with a traditional butchery, deli, and local produce, the farm is also home to Shetland ponies, ostriches, ducks, geese, and Dashy the donkey.  So now you and your hens can make some new friends!

  1. Prizes to be Won…

For all you competitive hens, points certainly do mean prizes here!  But very often the winner may not necessarily be the one you’d expect.  So, buckle down and battle it out with your friends as the highest-scoring player in your group will win a prize.  In addition, there are further prizes for the Best Dressed Team.  The funnier the better, so get your thinking caps on as it all adds to the fun!

  1. Individual Group Photos on Facebook!

There’s no need to bring your own camera to the games as each group also receives free photos.  Your friendly Activity Host will snap away as you make your way around the games.  The pictures are posted on Facebook straight after you finish, so you can laugh together at the fun you had while enjoying a few well-deserved glasses of vino later in the evening!

  1. Free Fancy Dress for the Hen

A hen party wouldn’t be the same without fancy dress, and this is certainly embraced with both hands at West Country Games.  The hen will receive a free fancy dress to add to the fun that lies ahead.  Pick between a foxy farmer number or perhaps one of many farm animal onesies; horses, pigs, sheep, cows, chickens – they have it all!  There is also a chance for your group to win the group fancy dress competition.  Make sure you plan your West Country outfits carefully, so you can win the prestigious Best Dressed Group award and prize!

So, there you have it.  9 fantastic reasons to book West Country Games, the most popular group activity in the South West.  Proper job!

Further information

West Country Games takes place on Saturdays throughout the year.  It’s recommended that you dress for the weather as a little rain doesn’t stop the fun.  There is car parking available on site and snacks available to buy in the field.  There are some changing facilities on site, but as there are many groups attending it is suggested that you get changed before arrival.

Don’t wear your finest clobber.  Fancy dress always goes down well and it is recommended that you bring trainers or wellies if the weather is wet.

The games go on for 2-3 hours depending on group size.  Groups of 18 or more will be split into two smaller groups.

West Country Games have a sister activity, Welsh Games, which is perfect for a Cardiff hen weekend.


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