Top 10 Powerful Herbal Medicine for Acne

Top 10 Powerful Herbal Medicine for Acne

Acne is a disease that is hard to get rid of once you’re infected. It is caused by clogged skin that can be caused by variety of factors. Back in days acne was a small term disease that was common ocurance in teenagers but used to disappear after a short period of time but nowadays as we move to more modern foods and lifestyle, acne has become a major issue for every age type. Not only acne makes you look bad but if you have a sensitive skin then you will experience elevated levels of pain. Acne causes itching

In technical/ medical terms, acne is caused by overproduction of sebum or bacterial infection of the sebaceous glands.

In layman terms, acne is caused when your skin pores are clogged due to either dead skin cells or due to oily skin or due to bacterial infections. Hormonal change is one of the biggest factors that can cause acne but for time being.

You know the most common cause of acne these days are the modern skincare products that we are using and it is also being caused by the chemically infused foods that we are consuming that is causing hormonal imbalance that is in return causing clogged pores on skin which is lead cause for acne.

Aloe Vera

To fight acne, there are several herbs that can be advised but we’ve narrowed down the top Herbs for Acne for you.

Aloe Vera is a plant type herb that is used as the top boss for skincare issues. The clear gel inside the aloe Vera plant soothes the burned or irritated skin and helps in providing glow back to the skin. Aloe Vera can also be taken orally to heal your skin and hydrate your body but usually it is applied on acne surface.

Aloe Vera since centuries has been used to clean wounds because of it’s anti bacterial properties and it is also great to kill pain which means that even if you have itchy acne, you can apply it to your face and not only it will boost blood flow in your skin but it will also get rid of dead skin cells and help regulate your skin.

Most common practice is to apply Aloe Vera to your skin overnight and repeat process every other day for great results.


It is considered as one of the best herbs to treat acne, Basil is considered the best antiseptic and it can work with any kind of inflammation caused in the body. You can use basil by either applying it directly on your body or you can drink it with tea and see the magic happen from inside your body! Since it’s a blood purifier, your other small skin problems and health issues will fade away as well.


Best herb to treat acne is cajeput when you’re looking to go for a treatment that is easy to apply and helps in eliminating bad bacteria from your body. Cajeput oil can be taken and applied directly to the acne areas. Or cajeput oil can be used in food and taken as a medicine as well, not only that cajeput oil is good for cold and tootaches, pain and congestion and several other conditions as well.


You can calm your skin down and reduce redness with lavender. It is considered one of the best herbs for acne since the dawn of time and has been used to treat skin related diseases for long period of time. It is also used in food and beverages and as a flavor too. Due to its calming nature, lavender oil is used for insomnia, stress and anxiety conditions as well. It is also used in cosmetics, soaps and fragrances as well and has been used in pharmaceutical products as well.


You might know this herb because of it’s famous tea that is considered as cure all for every health related and skin related problem. When it comes to acne, using chamomile can help you get rid of your acne regardless of tenure of the acne spots on your skin.

Chamomile is basically a herb that has been used as a remedy for health conditions since the beginning of time. Chamomile allows you to improve your sleep cycle it helps in certain types of cancers and it is also great for digestion purposes as well.

Rose oil or Rosehip oil

Rose oil and rosehip oil are almost same oils with little variations between them, the rosehip oil is extracted from seeds of rose whereas the rose oil is taken from the flowers of the rosecea family.

The rose being a herb for acne helps skin revitalize itself and helps the body regain essential vitamins and can help you alter skins natural oil production hence eliminating acne on a permanent basis.


Geranium is known as secret to beautiful skin, it is considered as one cure all solution to all the skin problems and no doubt that it is one of the best herbs to treat acne. Geranium is one of the most balanced herbs when it comes to reducing wrinkles and acne. It can be applied in form of oil to dry skin to make it active and it works best even if you have really sensitive skin.


Commonly found in North America, Europe and Asia, yarrow is one of the oldest herbs to treat acne and even it’s popularity hasn’t decreased in current era as well. It can be used as essential oil or it’s extract can be applied directly to your face. It can eliminate all kinds of wrinkles and blemishes from your skiin and eliminate acne in couple of days.


How can we not talk about the best Acne treatment herb to exist on earth. Known as Nature’s Botox, Hibiscus is one of the herbs that are known for their anti-aging effects. As soon as it comes in contact with your skin, hibiscus gives your skin a new life and activates all pores of your skin. It is rich in antoxidants which means that your skin will be able to fight back whenever it comes in contact with pollutants and will help you look younger for coming years.


It is old but true saying that prevention is better than care. So our top list for herbs to treat acne is care. If you really want acne to never come back or start in first place then you have got to take care of your skin and yourself. The biggest reason for development of acne is consumption without proper digestion, you should eat what you can take out. It’s simple as that and you should never eat the chemically infused food as your body will take longer time to digest them.


There are several herbs to treat acne and we have narrowed down the list to top ten herbs so that you can choose the best herb that can help you get rid of acne problem however, these herbs won’t be of any help if you won’t change your lifestyle and adopt healthier one.


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