Students of Agricultural Technology Develop

Students of Agricultural Technology Develop

Herbs are used directly or indirectly in about 80% of households and herbs traditionally have been known for their weird taste as they are usually required to be taken in raw format, even the smell of is so strong that they can be identified from miles away due to their distinct smell and it has contributed to decline in use of herbs.  Industrial pharma companies have also contributed a lot to decline of the herbs and almost everywhere, the pharma industry is making strides more than the herbal cures because of their old traditional ways of consumption and presentation.

Thanks to students of Agricultural technology, they have developed an ice cream that is based on herbs. Meaning that Ice Cream flavor is introduced that is based on combination of herbs so that you can enjoy the great flavor of ice cream and heal your body as well.

Ice cream is something that that is preferred by every age group, every ethnicity and every color, in short ice cream brings us all together. We have several flavors in ice cream and they differ based on region and area but it is given that ice cream is preferred desert by everyone. Herbs on the other hand are not liked by most people in raw form and convincing people to eat them even for medicinal purposes is a hard task due to appearance of herbal compounds. All of these problems will be solved thanks to the research done by Elot Pawening Maharani, Sari Yuslla, Arif Suglanto, Anisa Dian Safitri and Aryo Dwi Nugroho.

These students wanted to do something about loss of interest in people in herbal medicines so they came up with herb flavor ice cream that can brighten up everyone’s day and can provide health benefits to them while making the experience amazing.

Herbs are of different kinds and that’s why Herbatic combines all the powers of herbs to help people with benefits of herbs in the easiest way possible. Herbatic is a compound of red beans, eggs, butter and gelatin and herbs and they’re designed to be made in a way that ice cream doesn’t lose it flavors or its herbal power. The ice cream is made in these steps:

  1. Beans are boiled to take the extract out so that the real essence is captured properly.
  2. Extract is processed.
  3. Margarine, jelly powder, vanilla, turmeric, tamarind, secang, ginger, temulawak, kaempferia galangal are used in natural flavorings.

Let’s talk a little about the natural flavorings used in Herbatic ice cream. Tamarind is used to cure fever and is also known to be quite effective for constipation as well. Its origin is said to be in tropical Africa but has been cultivated almost throughout the world, especially India. Other than that, it’s pulp is also used as metal polish.

Kaempferia is ginger family herb that is used to treat metabolic ailments and is known as physical enhancer also it has almost 100 types each one with distinct properties.

Secang is a traditional drink native to Indonesia that is consumed commonly there. It is antioxidant, antibacterial in nature and it is said that it contains hepatoprotective properties. It is also anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic and vasorelaxant.

Temulawak is a spice herb that is used to relieve symptoms of nausea, cold and dizziness, it is native of Indonesia and most commonly it is used to improve appetite of children as well.

Kaempferia Galanga is one of the oldest and most important herbs ever, it is used to treat wounds, asthma, rheumatism, cough, piles, spleen disorder, epilepsy and fever.

Ginger is common herb used for stomach prolbmes but it is great to help in nausea, in fact it is recommended for nausea caused by treatment of cancer and nausea caused due to HIV/AIDS treatment or any kind of treatment procedure.

Some other herbs are also used in making of Herbatic ice cream but main ingredients are already discussed above. Herbs provide amazing results to the human body but their taste, their looks and their way of use has always been questioned but with the help of Herbatic Ice Cream developed by university students, herbs have been given a new meaning and pretty soon we will be seeing more dynamic results of this development throughout the world and it may give a new life to Herbs not only that,  Herbatic is going to help a lot of families as many children don’t like the general shape of the herbal medicines. Not only it will be easier to convince children to eat the herbal ice cream but it will also open a door to new research that will make medicines children friendly. Herbs in general are considered a very ancient product with no room for growth but these students from university with their Herbatic ice cream proved that herbs can be mixed with new ingredients to make the herb experience better and more fun.


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