Medicinal Plants and their uses with pictures

Medicinal Plants and their uses with pictures

Medicinal plants or medicinal herbs are those plants or herbs that have been discovered and used in traditional medicines since the dawn of times. Plants have naturally occurring chemical compounds in them, some can help relieve the pain whereas some can make insects go away. Plants/herbs provide the most natural way of healing human bodies without causing much side effects and that’s why they’re still largely used in Chinese, Indian, African and Mediterranean region.

We have listed down  top Medicinal plants along with their uses so that you can understand the herbs and live a better, healthier life. Many online herbal stores can sell and deliver to you, even for larger quantities. Either that or you shop on e-Bay and get a special shipping deal on Shiply for the cheapest rates in the industry.

The first herb that we have for you is Adhatoda, it is one of the most famous medicinal herb and it’s use is in treatment of Brochitis. It is also widely used for treatment of cold, cough and asthma. It belongs to family of Acanthaceae.

Aloe Vera is the most heard of herb especially for people with slightest interest in natural beauty, Aloe belongs to family Liliaceae and it’s leafs are where all the magic happens. It can return beauty back to you but it is also a great medicinal plant and it’s used in piles, skin diseases, spleen, rheumatism, jaundice and enlargement of liver.

On list of medicinal plants and their uses, we have Bacopa, it belongs to family named Scrophulariaceae, this whole plant can be used as a herb. It is useful in glucodies, apigenin, bacoside, luteolin and others. Basically it’s a nerve tonic and used to give to infants for good memory and is also great for constipation as well.

Catharantus belongs to Apocyanceae family and its roots and leaves are particularly useful.  The plant contains alkaloids that provide transquilling, sedative and hypotensive properties, it is great medicinal herb as it has anti-cancer properties.

Eclipta is known as false daisy, it is one of the best medicinal herb as it is powerful liver tonic and also is great for hair growth. Whole plant can be used and applied as a dye. In medicine, it is used for eye diseases, asthma, liver cirrhosis, dysentery and anemia.

Neem belongs to family Meliaceae, it’s seed and leaves are useful. It is amazing medicinal plant that is used against skin infections, it’s leaves are known as insect repellent and it’s uses in beauty care products are endless.

Ocimum is a medicinal plant that belongs to family lamiaceae, it’s leaves and flowers are considered the best cure for problems like chronic fever, hemorrhage, dysentery. It is also good for checking vomiting.

Phullanthus amarus belongs to euphorbiaceae, it is medicinal herb with a lot of uses. The whole plant can be used to gain extracts that can be used to fight bronchitis, urinary problems, asthma, anamia and diuretic.  It’s roots are considered as best remedy for jaundice and it’s also good against chronic dysentery.

Rauvolfia is a great medicinal herb that belongs to apocyanaceae, it’s root is used in medicinal purposes, it helps in controlling blood pressure and helps in stabilizing mental illnesses or schizophrenia symptons, it helps in hypertension as well and helps in uterine contraction.

Sida has botanical name Sida Cordifolia, it belongs to Malvaceae and the whole plant is helpful in medicinal purposes, it is great for inflammations such as oral mucosa and nasal congestion.

Another medicinal herb known as Black Cohosh is amazing for muscle pain and arthritis. It is probably one of the oldest medicines available for conditions related to menopause and menstruation, it’s name is Actaea racemosa.

Foxglove is one of a kind medicinal plant and has great uses. It was used to treat cardiac diseases in late 18th century, nowadays its pharma derivative Digoxin is used to treat cardiac diseases. It’s scientific name is Digitalis Lanta.

If you’re looking for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, there’s a medicinal herb that can be helpful in it, Galanthus or snowdrop. It’s called snowdrop because of its white color and shape, its not whole cure for Alzheimer’s but is helpful in treating it.

Nigella or Black caraway is one amazing medicinal herb that has power to control blood pressure and can be helpful in such cases.

Elderberry is better looking medicinal herb that has great uses, it’s berries and leaves have the medicinal properties hidden in them. Elderberry was considered as cure all as it is great to treat pain, sinus infections, constipation, coughs, swelling, skin conditions, flu and common cold among others.

If you want to treat kidney disorders then look no further, Urtica Dioica is one of the amazing medicinal plants that can help you, it is Austrian herb that has been used as tea to treat kidney disoders, urinary tract, gastrointestinal tracts, cardiovascular issues, hemorrhage, influenze, rheumatism and gout.

Diarrhea, Fever, instestinal parasites, hemorrhoids and wounds can be treated easily by this medicinal herb with uses named Water germander, it’s real name is Teucrium scordium.

Extract of Blue snakeweed can serve as great medicines as it is great to treat the ancient big problem, malaria! Scientific name is Stachytarpheta and it can also cure liver disorders, it’s also helpful in diabetes, it relives pain as well and has anti-inflammatory properties as well.

If you want to drink tea that helps you treat cancer and arthritis, then go for Chaparral or Larrea Tridentata but it needs to be used carefully or it can lead to kidney failure.


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