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How And Where To Get The Best Shopping Deals?

There weren’t many options for the customers to look for deals or even to think about them a decade or two ago. But as the competition has increased and new businesses have entered the market, there are no limits now.

Upon that, government authorities have asked the consumers to be educated about whatever they buy, and a consumer court is formed to file complaints against fraud shopkeepers and sellers. This also led to bringing the customer in power, and one now has the option to choose from various deals as per his/her convenience and benefit. 

Here we are discussing how and from where a customer can get the best shipping deals.

Google Pay

The fastly growing payment application is one of the best ways to have your hands full of shopping deals. Apart from the cashback rewards on payments, Google Pay also organizes games and events through their application from time to time which provides the users with great deals. Currently, Go India games are streaming, and users are winning deals on eye-wear, wardrobe, food, travelling, and much more. So, if you are not using Google Pay, then you must try it. 


There is a high chance that you may have heard ‘Paytm Karo’. It’s the tagline of Indian made online payment application Paytm that hit the market like a tornado. Paytm is still one of the best applications to enjoy great shopping deals. Apart from the cashback, one can easily enjoy pocket-friendly deals while shopping from Paytm Mall. Whether you want to buy Christmas gifts online or you want to buy a new gadget, PayTm serves you with amazing shopping experience and deals. To never miss deals and offers, keep notifications from PayTm on.

eCommerce Websites

Well, there is no doubt and second thought that eCommerce websites provide the best shopping deals. But if you want to get the best and biggest, then you should wait for festive season sales. You can have a discount on any day on websites like Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra but if you want to get more in your budget then wait for festivals like Diwali and Christmas and occasions like New Year. There have been instances in the past when many customers have gathered mobiles phones and other electrical items under Re. 1/- on special sale day. So, keep an eye on that, who knows when you will hit the jackpot!

Membership Cards

Another great way for you to have hands full of amazing shopping deals is membership cards. Names like Big Bazaar, Grofers, and Lifestyle provides their customers with options to enrol for membership cards. The point to keep in mind here is that if you don’t buy stuff from the brand every now and then, you shouldn’t pay for the membership card. It will only benefit you in the long run. You get discounts more than the other buyers every time you make a purchase, and you also get reward points which you can redeem later. The Big Bazaar shopping card lets its buyers shop for 12,000 for a payment of 10,000 within a year.

Off-Season Shopping

This one is the old-school way of making your purchases with great deals. Mostly, it works if you want to buy clothes. Brands like Zara and Nike sell out their winter outfits at 70% – 80% discount in summers because of the fewer demands and to clear out the stock. But this one is recommended for those who don’t have bodyweight and size fluctuations. Off-season shopping mostly works in summer to buy winter clothes. You can also get shopping deals on gadgets like a geyser, AC, and heaters.


This one is practically not a point of shopping deals, but it is still a good option to get yourself rewarded for free. Youtube channels, shopping websites, and social media influencers roll out giveaways every now and then, and many lucky winners have won items like expensive mobile phones, gift hampers, and some have also won mega jackpots. You can try your luck by participating in the giveaways. And the participation processes are also simple and take 10 minutes of your time at max. 

Be smart and take advantage of shopping opportunities that revolve inside your mobile phone!


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