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Homemade Herbal Beauty Recipes For Glowing Skin

Natural beauty is the only acceptable form of beauty because not only it is sustainable but it is long lasting and it connects well with your whole personality.Makeup hides your flaws and enhances your beauty but won’t it be good if you don’t have any flaws to hide in the first place? How can we stop having wrinkles, marks and acne and how can we have lips that look hot even without a lipstick on? Are you looking for a skin that makes you look ten years younger? We have listed down 25 best homemade herbal beauty recipes for glowing skin so that you can revitalize your skin without using any artificial or chemical product.

Raw milk and coconut

One of the best natural cleansers are milk and coconut and when you combine them, you get a power pack that can provide glow to your skin in hours. The ratio to be used is 2:1, meaning if you take two spoons of raw milk then you should have one spoon of grated coconuts. What you’re to do is to mix them all together and then you apply to your face and leave it for overnight, you will notice glow on your skin and your dead skin cells will be gone. You can add honey to it for extra glowing effect.

Cucumber and salt

Cucumber is old recipe for glowing skin, it is on top of many skincare routines because of it’s effectiveness. Cucumber mixed with salt and peppermint can help your skin gain it’s natural glow back. You must remember to use sea salt as it contains minerals that will vitalize your skin. You can put cucumber with sea salt and peppermint oil and massage it on your skin for ten minutes and wash afterwards to gain best results.

Almond oil mixed with Gram flour

Almond oil is known as a cure all for every type of skin related issue whereas the gram flour has properties that can help open clogged pores to oxidize your skin. The way of application is to mix gram flour with almond oil and massage it on your body and leave it there for 15 minutes. Wash it with lukewarm water for glow.

Grapes and yogurt

Grapes and yogurt are a healthy recipe for fitness but did you know that this combination can help your skin get back it’s natural glow as well? Apply the mixture of grapes and yogurt mix to your skin, yogurt is great for lightening dark patches and reduces pigmentation whereas grapes are rich in antioxidants so that your skin looks younger and fresh.

Lemon Juice and Turmeric

Lemons are natures gift. They are rich in vitamin C and are great for reducing skin pigmentation and spots. Turmeric is great for making skin smooth and kills any bad bacteria. You can add honey to the blend to make your skin even softer.

Gram Flour mixed with Milk and hint of Turmeric

Gram flour mixed with turmeric and milk is a recipe that can make your skin get its real glow back in matter of days, it will remove impurities from your skin and eliminate any bad bacteria left in your skin that could cause damage.

Tomato, Rose Water and Jaggery

For this recipe you will be needing a blender and 15 minutes patience after applying the blend on your face. Rosewater, Jaggery and Tomato are to be mixed via blender and that mixture is to be applied on your face for a clearer, brighter skin.

Rosewater mixed with lemon and Glycerin

Mixture all the gradients in equal amount and apply the blend to your face before going to bed and wash the next day. It will improve your pH balance, clear your skin up and will eliminate bacteria from your skin.

Spinach mixed with Sandalwood and honey

Spinach blended together with sandalwood and honey can make your life better. The best thing about this pack is that it is great for sensitive skin as well and it hydrates your skin and reduces blemishes and scars at the same time.

Avocado mixture

Avocado is a magic, it is great for dull skin with freckles and wrinkles. You will see increased collagen production and your skin will be tighter and better.

Rose petals dipped in almond oil with marigold

Rose petals are used throughout the world due to their softness effect on skin and almond oil with marigold will get rid of pores from your skin and will keep it moisturized. After applying marigold petals with rose petals in almond oil, your skin will be welled toned and blemishes free.

Pomegranate Seeds with cucumber juice

As discussed already, cucumber are great for skin especially when they’re blended with pomegranate seeds will make your skin clearer while removing dead skin cells and will help your skin get a better glow.

Tomato juice with Glycerin and Sandalwood

Make a paste of all them and apply the paste to your skin gently for 15 minutes and wash it afterwards. It will help your skin get a glowing skin and will reduce dead skin cells greatly.

Fullers earth with Aloe Vera extract

Aloe Vera is the most loved extract for skincare and has been used by beauticians for centuries. You can mix the fullers earth with Aloe Vera with yogurt and apply that paste to your skin wherever desired. it will brighten your skin and make your wound marks, any dark sports disappear in a gist.

Basil and Neem

Neem and basil mixed together in same quantity can help your skin get rid of extra oil, it helps in tightening your pores and boosts cells regeneration. You can apply the paste to your face and let your skin soak the basil and neem minerals from minerals.

Oatmeals and apricot with rosewater

Mased apricort pulp mixed in oatmeal and rosewater can make your skin amazing in matter of days. Apply the mash to your skin for over 10 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water.

Aloe Vera with Green Tea

Aloe Vera is guru of herbal skincare and when it is mixed with green tea, all the best outcomes are possible. The way to apply this great herbal homemade skincare routine is to make green tea in cup with water and add aloe Vera to it. Apply the great paste to desired area and see your skin hydrated

 in no time!

Turmeric and Papaya

When you mix papaya with turmeric, you get a great mixture that can clean your face with boosted collagen production that makes your skin look younger and tighter.

Saffron and Sandalwood

Raw milk mixed saffron strands mashed with sandalwood powder helps in eliminating dark spots and rashes and inflammation from your face and provides healthy glow to your face too.

Lemon mixed with honey

If you’re looking to maintain your skin without having to do much of mixing, just take a lemon with honey and apply it to your face for 20 minutes every other day. It might sting initially but it will make your skin get its glow back in no time.

Yogurt mixed with orange peel powder

Orange peel powder is amazing when it comes to blemish removal and it is rich with vitamin C. yogurt on the other hand helps in makes skin brighter. So when you mix these ingredients and apply the coat to your face, you will get a skin that looks ten years younger your age.

Honey with cinnamon

Cinnamon with honey blended well are a recipe that can help you reduce wrinkles from your body and will kill harmful bacteria. Basically this recipe is to treat pimples and acne.

Sugarcane with honey

Sugarcane juice with honey can be applied to your skin to activate all pores and help your skin get revitalized in no time.

Wheat with Turmeric and Sesame oil

Mix all these ingredients until blended well, apply it to your face and you will get rid of dirt, blemishes, acne, dead skin cells and it will oxidize your skin and activiate all your skin pores for younger looking skin.

Banana, Lemon juice and baking soda

Banana is a great hydrant for skin and is a great sunblock as well. Mixing all the ingredients will banana will result in a one stop solution for all your skincare problems.


The most important part of herbal therapy is that it requires healthy lifestyle first. So make sure that you’re living a anti aging life style and skin positive lifestyle before applying these remedies. Prevention is better than care!


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