Fresh Vegetable Ice Cream made by students

Fresh Vegetable Ice Cream made by students

Invented in China and taken to Europe by travelers, Ice Cream is kind of dessert that can be presented to anyone, anywhere at any time. For children age 2 to people over 75, ice cream is probably only thing that is acceptable for all age types. Ice cream regardless of flavor is amazing and that’s what students of UGM had in mind when they created a fresh vegetable ice cream. It has great health benefits and it will allow everyone to enjoy vegetables in form of ice creams. The biggest problem with kids these days is that they eat what tastes good and that’s why they all prefer junk food over healthy food, problems with old aged people is that they don’t have teeth to chew the vegetables so it’s almost impossible for them to have healthy diet. All thanks to students who made fresh vegetable ice cream possible that now every age group can enjoy healthy food with great taste and stay healthy.

Ice Cream has only one problem and that is you shouldn’t eat it fast because you might get a brain freeze due to it otherwise, ice cream is full of health and we’ve included all the benefits of ice cream and of fresh vegetables in the article below.

Children eat what tastes great and what feels great and these days it’s impossible to make them eat anything that doesn’t look good or doesn’t taste good especially when your child sees Mac and Zinger ads every day on social media, how they will like to eat anything that looks like Spanish. But still your child will love ice cream and it will be easier to make them eat vegetable ice cream and keep them healthy.

Similarly, old people lose their teeth by around 60 years of age and even if they get fake teeth, it’s hard to chew with them. Most elders give up on eating fruits and vegetables because of their teeth but now you can help them stay healthy with the help of vegetable ice cream that was developed by university students.

Vegetable ice cream has following benefits:

Real and fresh vegetable is rich in taste and can help you stay healthy.

They’re source of pure nutrients like folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, fibers and etc.

They’re helpful in maintaining blood pressure.

They’re helpful in reducing blood cholesterol level and reduces heart disease risks.

Vitamin A helps against infections of skin whereas Vitamin C heals cuts and wounds and also is helpful in iron absorption.

Vegetable use on daily basis helps in reducing risk of cancer; it is nutrient rich diet so it is very healthy and can keep strokes away from you.

Ice cream

Chinese are famous for their healthy lifestyle and they were the ones who invented ice cream so not only ice cream has true amazing taste to it but it’s really healthy as well. It helps you lose weight easily, it is filled with calcium, vitamin D, riboflavin, phosphorus and A vitamin.

Not only this Ice cream stimulates the brain, it is recommended to eat in breakfast by health experts so that you can get a brain boost in the morning. It is also known to boost the immune system.

Vegetable ice cream

Students from university did a great job by combining these together so that everyone can be healthy without losing taste. The team of students who made it possible are Retno Wulandri, Galih Prakoso, Aswanuddin Hamid, Anggita, Nuria Azti, Lin Wulandri and Khabib Wahyu Effendi. Vegetable ice cream currently made by them was in Brassica flavor, Carrots flavor and in spinach flavor but they hope to expand their lineup soon.

If you go to Asian countries, you will see that they already have variety of flavors such as shrimp ice cream and fish ice cream which is quite healthy and has great taste so why not make an ice cream that can help people from every age and is healthy to consume.


Although this is a great step towards helping people get more close to vegetables, what we need to do is to market it properly and help such startups so that these bright minds can contribute positively to our future. There can be several other things that can be included with this startup for example to raise awareness, every ice cream can come with its ingredients and its value so that people can be more interested in vegetables. Also to make vegetables normal as food, more startups like this should be given chances because the more junk food we will offer, the worse our future generations will get. We are looking forward to vegetable ice cream and more ventures like that from our youth because herbs and vegetables are only healthy way of life.


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