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When someone has a problem with drugs, whether it is street or prescription drugs they seek help by going to drug rehab.  Generally, the problem a person experiences with drugs is a dependency on them and cannot kick the habit by themselves for a variety of reasons.  When you go to a drug rehab facility, you will go through the process of treatment and recovery.  They provide services for counseling and psychological treatment.  They may also offer aftercare program referrals.  

When you enter a drug rehab program, there are three target goals.

  • End drug abuse—this is the most important part of the program.  During the recovery part of the program it will allow a person to start living a sober life.  It will also help a person meet other life goals they have set.
  • Improve personal circumstances and general health—when a person is an active drug user, their general help may rapidly decline so when they enter drug rehab their health will usually start to improve.  This is because they are no longer dependent on drugs.  It can take weeks, even months to feel the full effects of not being on drugs.  Many times when a person is taking drugs, their circumstances become very difficult.  When in rehab the staff, doctors, and counselors will help to make them better so your post-rehab goes better.
  • Treat psychological problems and psychiatric disorders—when a person is diagnosed with drug issues, it is typical for them to have some type of psychiatric disorder or unresolved psychological trauma, especially if it has been a prolonged usage of drugs.  When in rehab, they want to help the person with these issues or refer them to a facility that can treat them.  This is done so they can have the best treatment to give them a better chance at long-term sobriety.

When in drug rehab, you want to establish a positive support system and not with friends who may also have drug issues.  While in rehab, you will get help with educational and employment issues so you can start working on having a productive life.  Also, if the rehab center you choose does not offer medical detox to help you through the withdrawal period with support or medication, you will have to seek it at an inpatient clinic before you can enter rehab.

During rehab

  • Assessment—when you first enter rehab you will sit down with admissions staff or counsel to complete verbal and written interviews.  The immediate process of assessment and intake is essential to staying in a center.  During the assessment process, they will access your current condition, find out the nature of your addiction/drug use, and figure out a specific treatment plan for you.  This phase will also include an interview using a standardized questionnaire and a drug test.
  • Pharmacotherapy, behavioral treatments, and psychotherapy—these are all important phases of drug rehab.  They will analyze your emotional and mental condition to help you make positive changes in your thinking.  When you engage in psychotherapy, it is usually done in a group setting but will also include some one-on-one meetings with the psychotherapist. Depending on the drug you were dependent on, you may be offered prescription medications to help with reducing the cravings for the drug you were addicted to.  You may also be prescribed anti-anxiety or antidepressant medications.
  • Supportive services and aftercare—this can include help with financial planning, skills development, vocational training, and more.  It is the last step of drug rehab and generally includes attending support groups and counseling once you are done with the program.

Just before you are done with the program, you will establish your aftercare program with counselors, possibly moving into a sober living house until you get on your feet and being in a semi-structured environment to help you stay drug-free and joining support groups that deal with drug addiction like Narcotics Anonymous. You should also seek out a counselor who offers addiction counseling to help you stay clean.  This can take months, some even years, and some may even stay in counseling to stay off drugs.

Drug rehab can be done in both inpatient and outpatient centers so choose the one that works for you.