How To Find Best Spa Chair For Your Home Lockdown In 2021

How To Find Best Spa Chair For Your Home Lockdown In 2021

Getting tired of sitting around at home? Lockdown gets troublesome now and everyone has a change in daily life routine. Everyone needs a little break from sitting and doing nothing at home. To make your lockdown a little less boring we have come with a guide to find you the best spa chair. Spa chairs are pretty fun, they will help you let go of stress and it’s the best massage equipment if you are a massage fan. We spent our time researching different spa chairs available in the market right now, each one has its class, so we came up with a guide to make it easier for you to choose your best spa chair.

Spa chairs are quite bulky and have high rates, so you don’t wanna go for it without complete research. It cost a fortune and is considered to be a lifetime purchase. There are many attributes links to it and due to modern tech, these chairs have incredible capabilities and astonishing features that will rock your lockdown season. So before going for a purchase create a list of attributes and features you want in your spa chairs and keep an eye on the budget for it.

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Specifications And Features Of Spa Chairs

Given below are the basic features of spa chairs and don’t all chairs have all the features. As we have mentioned above that these chairs are high priced so make sure your budget and requirements before choosing any spa chair.

Zero Gravity Spa Chair 

Zero Gravity is one of the best features of today’s spa chairs. Nearly all modern spa chairs offer this feature. The zero gravity concept is created by NASA when your legs reach above your heart. This position eases the stress to your joints that is caused by gravity. Zero gravity offers full body massage that is very relaxing and a lifesaving message for people who have back pain.

Massage Tracks – There are two types of massage that spa chairs offer. The L-Track and S-Trach massage. Some modern spa chairs offer both these massages while many chairs offer single massage types. So ensure your type before making the purchase.

L-Track Definition – L-Track is named after the shape L, this massage type goes from your neck down to the glutes and thighs. 

S-Track Definition – S-Trach is named after the shape S, this body massage focuses on the various spot in your back. This is available in every spa chair while L-Trach is a more enhanced feature and only available in new modern spa chairs.

Rollers – Rollers are the traditional way of massage that you can find in almost every massage gadget. In spa chairs, these rollers go from 2D to 4D. In 4D the massage will be highly enhanced to the level of tissues in your body.

Calves and Feet Massagers Spa Chair

Not all but many modern spa chairs have this astonishing feature of calves and feet massage. If you are an athlete or a worker on your feet all day long then this feature will be life-saving for you. 

Airbags – Airbags massage is a type of massage that includes airbags to increase the circulations of the blood flow in your arteries. It can also be used to remove toxins because of the stimulation of the lymphatic system. 

Heat – Many chairs offer a heating system combined with massage to ease your body and let the pain away. It will help you increase the blood flow and help your body to be relaxed.

Intensity Adjustment Spa Chair – Sometimes people want deep massage so to do that there’s an adjuster of intensity available in the spa chair. You can set the speed, location, and length of the portion you want massage for.

Device Usage – Modern spa chairs have the option of connectivity. You can connect your spa chair with your smartphone through Bluetooth or use an app. Connectivity will allow you to enhance the massages and many more multimedia options. 

Space-Saving Chair – A spa chair is a big thing that requires a little too bit of your room. To counter this problem modern spa chairs have the feature to recline fully in three inches. Not all spa chairs have this option but it is recommended if you are short on space.  


Dear folks by now you would have known many things about spa chairs. Just see your budget first, once the budget is settled then see what you want a spa chair for. If you want for deep massage purposes then there are many astonishing chairs available in the market with a budget package. But if you want a spa chair with a fully loaded connectivity option and reclining capability due to space shortage, then this is going to cost you a fortune but that’d be worth it. Kindly let us know in the comment section that which one did you choose and how is your experience with it. Thanks 


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