Benefits of Herbal Medicines

Benefits of Herbal Medicines

Herbs are the type of plants that don’t have any wood in them, they’re small and have flowers and seeds in them. Their roots, leaves or flowers can be applied to human body or used as a juice to get medicinal benefits.

Today, herbal medicine is taken as an alternative way of medication to life long diseases that are not curable by pharma medication. The herbal medicines are popular in China, India and other developing countries and it is estimated that almost 3 out of 5 doctors in Germany and France prescribe herbal medicines. Not only this, shocking numbers are that almost 80% of the population uses herbs and in developing countries it rises up to whopping 95%.

Herbs are where the medicines started, the chemical compounds that are turned into medicines are basically extracts of herbal medicines that are refined to get better solution. The herbal medicines are famous for their less side effects and great but slow response rate to diseases. Herbal medicines are famous because of several reasons including but not limited to their affordability, their availability, natural healing and strength of immune system.

It all started when Chinese people discovered that herbs around them had medicinal powers and could help in healing wounds which led to further research on it and it helped uncover herbs that had antioxidants, vitamins and oils in them that were helpful in cleansing the body from toxins.

Herbal medicines have great uses and can treat your allergies, health disorders and issues in a great, effective and non-invasive way but it should always be remembered that they can have negative effects as well if used incorrectly, most people end up using incorrect herbs that do that damage to their body instead of healing it.

Common cold and influenza are really rare in China because of their extensive use of herbs that has made body’s immune systems strong. Chinese are also one of first people who discovered the simmering tea by mixing herbs with hot water.

Basically what makes a herb a medicine is that it contains active ingredients, those active ingredients give herb the ultimate effectiveness. Many believe that herbal medicines lose their activeness if used with chemicals or if used in isolation from rest of the plant.

Different herbs act different on body, even application of herb matters a lot and part of plant also matters a lot while applying herbal medicine. Some of the great benefits of herbal medicines are as under

Echinacea, it is used to aid the body in fighting infection, it helps in fever and herpes, basically what it does is it stimulates the immune system and makes your body stronger against all kinds of attacks.

Hypericum is another herb with great benefits, it is one of the antidepressant herbs that provide relief in moderate depression. Another name for hypericum is St John’s wort, it is helpful in fighting anxiety and insomnia, it needs to be taken carefully as it doesn’t goes well with other medications that you might be using at that time.

Ginger is probably one of the oldest medicinal herb with a lot of benefits. It contains gingerol, a powerful substance with great medicinal properties. It is capable of treating forms of nausea especially motion sickness and morning sickness. Benefits of this herbal medicine are that it reduces muscle pain and soreness and it also has anti-inflammatory properties as well.

If you’re looking for benefits of herbal medicines in gynecological issues then Dong qui is what you’re looking for. Dong qui can help in treating premenstrual tension, helps in treating period pain and is effective when you’re having menopause symptoms. This herbal medicine has benefits in high blood pressure situations too.

Garlic is one of the oldest herbs that are used as medicines and it is still being researched on as it is considered as one of the best herbs with great many qualities. The biggest benefit of garlic lies in heart. It helps heart by lowering its blood fat levels and cholesterol. Not only this, it can be used to fight colds, respiratory infections and sinusitis.

One of great benefits of herbal medicine is in blood circulation; it can be treated easily by applying ginkgo biloba herbs.

Ginseng is another herb with great medicinal benefits it helps in treating fatigue during illness and it is great for controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Herbs are used by almost 80% of the population of the world but the question is of regulations and knowing whether the herbs that are in use are right or wrong type, one plant can have different cures and even two same plants can’t prove to be equally effective as one another. So it is immensely important to know the origin of the herb and to use it in exact way that it yields benefits for you.


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