Moving into a new abode, which you bought is exciting and a happy moment. It is a dream come a moment for you and your family, and after unpacking and settling down a bit, it is time to party. A new house, a new chapter is a perfect reason to celebrate with friends and family. A small puja and a housewarming party for your loved ones will make this new beginning even better.

Also, it is the best way to meet your new neighbors. It is a necessary step towards nesting and cultivating relationships with them. But we also understand that the move and the stress of packing and unpacking and buying a new house can make you a bit edgy about a housewarming party. And that is fine! You do not have to throw a huge bash; a small get together is enough.

A budget housewarming party is possible, and in this blog, we will discuss a few ways to manage that.

Decide on a budget

The first thing to do for throwing a budget house-warming party is to create a budget.  Setting a budget for everything will give you the flexibility to increase or decrease prices for things accordingly.

Create digital invitation cards

Paper invitation cards are costly and people throw them away, which is a waste of your money. Instead opt for digital invitation cards that you can send via mail or text. Use a free app like Canva that has templates to create puja invitation cards or housewarming cards to your liking. It saves money and they look elegant as well.

Save money on décor

The new house is your décor and you do not need to dress it up. A few things or tweaks is best as it lets the natural look of your place shine. Though that doesn’t mean that you cannot ensure that it is spotless and looks and smells nice.

Set the date which is reasonable for you

The financial strain after moving is something most of us are familiar with. That is why picking the right date for your house-warming party is necessary too. Do not rush into it to please everyone. The timing matters, and it should be something that you are comfortable with. A date in the near future gives you enough time to be better off financially.

Make a guest list

Knowing how many people you can comfortably accommodate in your house and budget is imperative. Creating a guest list will enable you to do that. Also, a budget party means that you do not invite every acquaintance that you know. Just keep it for your close ones and a few neighbors, as it will help you get to know them better.

Separate parties

When you invite tons of people, you are scrapping to make time for every one of them. It is quite expensive too, and you aren’t even able to meet and enjoy everyone. So, instead of a big party, keep separate parties for friends and family.

No open-bar

An open-bar is too expensive, and we never know what the person would like to drink. Thus, it is best to skip that and focus on a big-batch of cocktails that everyone will enjoy. Those who don’t want to stick to water or soda, and there is no harm in that. Pick a classic cocktail, and you know most of the people will enjoy it.

Focus on ambiance

You do not need decoration, but you do need to set the ambiance. It can happen with few simple tips like lighting candles or putting fresh flowers in the vase, and more. It adds a welcoming note to your party.

Use washable plates

If the number of guests you are having is limited, use plates and utensils that you owe. It will not put a hole in your pocket as paper plates cost a lot and there is no much waste afterwards. You can’t even reuse them, which is waste and people find it challenging to eat in them, especially if you have a buffet system. It is best to use either the utensils you have or get reusable and sturdy ones which you can reuse.

With these ideas, your housewarming party will be a hit and within budget. Enjoy this new phase without worrying too much!