25 Best Herbs to Grow in your Kitchen garden

25 Best Herbs to Grow in your Kitchen garden

Herbs have existed as a cure for human beings since cavemen days. They were pretty much the only medical care available back in the days and even today more and more cures are being found that can be done easily and effectively with help of herbs. For example, there are several herbs that can help you get rid of breast cancer.

The best thing about herbs is that most of them can be grown inside your home, so that you don’t have to get a prescription from a doctor and wait at a pharmacy to get a medicine and begin your treatment, you can just grow a herb at home and start right off. There are four benefits of having a herb/plant at your home.

  1. Keeps the temperature cool
  2. Herbs can be used as medicine
  3. Fresh oxygen supply
  4. Makes house greener

Now that we’ve discussed how good it is to grow a herb/plant at your house, let’s talk about which one we should pick that can help you in every possible way. Most people have a kitchen garden that has some plants in them see the 25 Best Herbs to Grow in your Kitchen garden , usually they are small plants that are chosen based on their benefits.

 Some herbs are good for wounds whereas some herbs are good for mental health and some of the herbs can help you lose fat too!  So let’s see the 25 best herbs to grow in your kitchen garden.

Every kitchen garden needs a plant that can help in spicing up the food, first one in our list does the same, Parsley is a herb that is mild, bitter in taste that can make your food delicious and amazing with its mild bitter flavor, it adds balance to the flavor of your daily food and is an evergreen herb so your home garden feels fresh all the time.

The next up in our list is mint, mint is like everyone’s first choice to keep at home herb but there are a lot of varieties to it, so be careful before buying mint herb. Not only it freshens the breath but it also helps in calming your stomach.

If you want more plants for digestion, you can go for Dill herb, it is one of the best herbs to grow in kitchen garden and it is helpful in swelling reduction and helps in cramps as well.

Basil is a feature in pizza, salads, sauces and pesto. It’s been in use for years by people and it is considered great antioxidant and is also great for people with low blood sugar problem.

If you are looking for a herb that can make your whole kitchen garden smell good then you should be going with Sage, it is great for seasoning food such as sauces, meat and vegetables. In medical terms, it has wound healing capabilities and it can help with memory issues as well as inflammation.

Rosemary is a flavorful herb that can be used with poultry products, meat and vegetable alike.  It has a delightful scent and is used mostly in floral arrangements because of that.

Thyme is a dedicate plant that can be used for flavoring veg dishes, beans and eggs. It is common item for Mediterranean, Italian and French cuisines. You can add it to soups and stews as well. It has a mint scent as well and has grayish leaves.

Cilantro is second name of Chinese Parsley, it is one of the best add-ons for Mexican, Chinese and Indian cuisines, it requires cold environment and is perfect for spicy foods.

Fennel is aromatic herb that is native from Mediterranean region and requires semi moist environment to grow. It is most commonly used in salads and has health benefits.

Chamomile is one of the commonest herb one can hear about, it is a common ingredient in herbal tea and has lots of health benefits from settling stomaching to calming the nerves, it is also amazing for treating fevers and in inflammation as well.

French Tarragon is one of the finest herbs and is an important add-on to daily dishes especially when used with meat and poultry products. It has a great spicy flavor that can make a huge taste difference when added to anything especially with sauces, soups and meat dishes.

We all know Lavender, it is top favorite for using as salad dressings and it is added to dishes to give a slightly sweet flavor. It is helpful in relieving headaches and they’re flexible to be grown in any kind of climate condition here you also get the all info 25 Best Herbs to Grow in your Kitchen garden .

Catnip is one of the best herbs to grow in kitchen garden, not only it is a relaxing agent, it is diuretic and laxative as well. If you have a cat in your home, it will be her favorite plant!

Chives are used for flavoring in mostly French cuisines. They’re powerhouses of beta carotene and vitamin C. although they are native to Asian region but their traces in food can be found for over 5000 years ago. They are best herb to grow in kitchen garden as they work well with eggs, fish, potatoes, soups and salads.

St. John’ Wort is known as a muscle relaxant as it helps in fighting the muscle pain, it can alleviate the depression and anxiety. Other names are Goatweed, chase-devil and Klamath Weed.

Bay leaves have different scent combined in them that can make you feel nostalgic with hint of clove, mint and honey. It has a bitter taste and is used in hearty stews and other dishes, they’re used in way that they’re put inside the cooking pan during the cooking and taken out before serving. They’re found in Mediterranean region.

Culantro is one of the best additions to any kind of dish that can add flavor to the dish without changing its taste. They’re available in Americas region only.

Chervil is a herb that is best to grow in kitchen garden, it provides flat leaves that can be used to enhance flavor of fish, vegetables, eggs and salads. It is one of the widely liked herbs that are used almost every day in French cuisines.

Winter savory is a spicy culinary herb that adds aroma to dishes. It has medical uses as well because it’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, it compliments fishes beans and poultry.

Peppermint is one of the most common herbs that are best to grow in kitchen garden because not only it helps in digestion but it also freshens you breath as well. It is rich in calcium and potassium and provides Vitamin B. it is hybrid mind and even its oil can be used for flavoring.

Stevia is a natural sweetener plant that can help your garden look great because of its looks, it has no calories so that you can use it anyway you want. You can use it as substitute for sugar.

Aloe Vera is everything you expect out of a great herb to grow in a garden kitchen, it smoothens burns and skin problems, it has anti-inflammatory properties and if taken orally, it helps in digestion, circulation and weight loss as well. 

Lemongrass is a plant filled with antioxidants, cure for cancer and eye inflammation. It is called lemongrass because of its strong flavor.

Oregano is a part of mint family herb that is amazing to grow in kitchen garden, it is commonly used for flavoring and is used in Italian American cuisines.

So these were the 25 herbs to grow in kitchen garden, if you get half of those herbs, you will start having better food every day and reduced health related issues.


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